How to add inequality constraint on the model


mu and alpha are parameters.
How to implement this inequaliity constrait in Stan?
so that mu1alpha1>0 and mu2alpha2>0
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parameters {
  real mu_1;
  real<lower=0> mu_1_alpha_1;
transformed parameters {
  real sigma_1 = mu_1_alpha_1 / mu_1;


Thank you very much!
what is sigma_1?
should i do something like this?
‘parameters {’
‘real<lower=0> mu_1_alpha_1= p[1]*p[2] ;’
‘real<lower=0> mu_2_alpha_2= p[3]*p[4] ;’
p is the vector of paramters. p[1]=mu_1,p[2]=alpha_1,p[3]=mu_2,p[4]=alpha_2
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Yeah, by sigma_1 I meant alpha_1.


This is brilliant! Thank you very much!