Help with Jenkins


It’s giving me weird warnings about stuff I did not mess with.

cvodes_utils.hpp:26, GNU C Compiler 4 (gcc), Priority: High
‘runtime_error’ is not a member of ‘std’

For instance.


I guess we haven’t run tests with GCC in a long time where we cared about warnings. A lot of the warnings we turned off are turned off only for clang for some reason. I think we should probably just turn them off everywhere…


I made this that should fix these, I think.


Cool beans, if that goes through I’ll update my pull with the changes.


how important is keeping up with latest g++ compilers? if our users want to live on the bleeding edge, doesn’t that mean that we have to go there too?


That sounds like a question a user survey could answer!


Nope. Sometimes we have to use our own judgement about what’s best for the project as a whole balancing considerations like consistency and learnability and efficiency, sometimes users won’t all agree, and sometimes what they want is just too difficult. But in other cases, sure, no reason not to give them what they want.