Case study: NNGP based models in Stan


Hi all, I just updated my case study on my Github. Here is the new pdf:
NNGP_stan.pdf (1.5 MB)

Many thanks to everyone who helped me, special thanks to Micheal and Aki. ^_^

Wish you a Happy New year!


Did you want us to post that with the Stan case studies? If so, and people who understand these models are OK with it, we’d like a version in a single HTML file with an open-source license for the code and the text (for the text, it only needs to be something that lets us distribute it).


Yes, that will be great!

Is it fine to give the github link?

Is there anything else I need to do? Thank you very much!


Lu Zhang


You need to explicitly license the content or we won’t have the legal right to distribute it. You can see the other case studies—we recommend BSD or something similar for code and one of the CC licenses for the text.


Sorry for the delayed response. I was on vacation in China and am now catching up my work. I claimed the license in my case study:

Here is my GitHub link:

Is it okay? ^_^


Your case study looks OK in Chrome, but it doesn’t render in Safari—the nav bar overlaps the text making it completely illegible. I’d rather use formats that work in all the major browsers if you could choose a different format. Otherwise, it’s going to need qualifications both in the case study and around the links warning users that it doesn’t render in Safari.

When that’s ironed out, I can post.


Okay, I will try another format. ^_^



The case study renders fine for me in Safari 11.0.2.